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Choosing your table design

Each table  design is completely exclusive and starts off with choosing the wood and river shape you would like as your table. During this process I will discuss and show various slabs that offer unique features. The wood itself is then carefully put through the precise process of flattening and cutting to create the table size and river flow.

Designing the river 

Once the table has been flattened and sized, its now time to choose the colour of the river. Customers have a choice of over 30 colours which can be mixed to create a one off colour pigment. Each table needs to have its own mould created specific to my clients sizes. The table is clamped down to prevent movement and air bubbles releasing from the bottom of the table top. My unique designs offer a 3D effect by extending the pouring process over 2 pours, the first pour incorporates the colour and the second pour is clear resin allowing the natural movement of the wood to be viewed.

Creating the tables legs

At Woodfella’s I offer a range of leg designs that my customers can choose from. Our solid oak leg designs complete the natural look and are custom made to our customers requirements. We also have offer the option to use pre-made fabricated legs, suitable for any surface. During the consultation I will discuss these options and review prior to making the legs.,

The finished design

After the resin has cured for 7 days it is then removed from the mould to prepare for polishing and oiling. I once again go back to my router sled and carefully remove a thin layer from the top and bottom of the table. The next stage involves sanding back the table until it is completely smooth. To achieve this finish it requires moving through each sand paper grade up to 3000 to get that polished look, once completed the river is polished and the wood oiled. We use the best quality oil to bring out the natural grain of the wood and to prolong the life of the table.

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Absolutley stunning, we are over the moon with the results, can’t wait for our dining table now. We would highly recommend, great communication with great results at all stages. Thank you so much!

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