About Us

About myself & Woodfella’s Bespoke Design

The Carpenter, Designer, Owner of Woodfella’s Bespoke Design.

From a young age carpentry has always been my passion, having spent many hours watching my grandad and dad working in the garage being able to take a beautiful piece of Oak, Elm, Ash or any species of wood and create something entirely unique. The years of knowledge have been passed down through the generations and have allowed me to begin a new chapter in my life with my family.

About Woodfella’s Bespoke Design 

A family run business in Bridgend, South Wales formed Spring 2020. Woodfella’s Bespoke Design create stunning and unique home furniture for any room or occasion. Since opening we have designed and created unique pieces for customers across south Wales, and south west England. We are passionate about what we do, and know our customers expect the finest details and the highest quality, and we always deliver on this promise. 

Having spent fifteen years working within senior retail management I understand the importance of my customers journey  throughout the processes involved, that’s why I am able to offer a consistently high standard of service to all my client’s.


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